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Interasia Lines co., Ltd. (Hereafter, the company) understands that to do the appropriate management and to recognize the importance of individual information(privacy) is strictly important and it is social obligation for the company in the advanced information and telecommunications society.

The company observes the law concerning protection of individual information and other standards to protect necessary, appropriate individual information.
So as to consider the characteristic of our business like the international shipment etc. and the characteristic of handled individual information and, maintains the system of protection of individual information, the company provides the following protection of individual information policies. Moreover, when individual information is handled and managed, the company observes this policy.

  1. Necessary information in order to register in the inquiry form or E-Mail Sending through our homepage, the company may request our customer to provide your individual information.
  2. The company shall acquire individual information with customer's agreement, and legal and a fair method.
  3. Individual information that the company acquired is used within the range of the purpose of use specified beforehand. The company shall do neither disclosing nor the offer of the individual information to the third party without the acknowledgment of the customer. However, when disclosing information is requested by the court and the administrative body, etc. based on the law, customer's individual information might be disclosed.
  4. The company assigns the protection of individual information manager, and shall manage the individual information appropriately. Moreover, the company continuously reviews, improves the system of internal management concerning protection of individual information, and shall maintain appropriate management system.
  5. The company shall manage acquired individual information appropriately and carefully. Moreover, the information security measures to prevent the loss of unlawful computer access to individual information and destruction, falsifications, and the leakages of individual information are executed.
  6. The company shall supervise them and make them manage appropriately individual information to prevent leakage of individual information when the company consigns to handle individual information by thirds.  
  7. The company esteems the right or customer concerning individual information and  responds promptly within the reasonable time when customer requests indication, correction, suspension, or deletion, etc of the content of the individual information.
  8. For the information of the company privacy policy, please contact to following number.
    General Affairs:   Tel: +81-3-3580-6555
  9. The company shall observe the law and the standard concerning individual information presently and in the future, and the company shall properly review, and improve the approach in the privacy policy. When the company changes privacy policy to protect individual information ,the company shall promptly disclose them on the web page.

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